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Why do kids become myopic?

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Why do kids become myopic?

It’s normal for kids to have +2.00 in hyperopia (farsightness) and astigmatism from birth to 5 years old. 
It goes towards zero at 6 years old. It’s very important for the child to get eye exams at least once a year after age 3 years old. 

If the child is -0.50 or higher in myopia (nearsightedness) at 6 years old, it’s normal for the eye to grow -0.50 per year. 

If the eye grows -0.50 a year, they can grow -1.00 a year during puperty age (11-18). 
It’s a critical to start doing myopia control if myopia starts before age 10. Even if the eye only grows -0.50 a year, they can get over -5.00 after 10 years. By age 20 years old, they can have -5.00. It can continue to grow while they are in university. It would likely stop growing after they finished school. 

It’s considered early onset if myopia started before age 10. So let’s get they in proper eye care by an Optometrist, and start monitoring the progressions early. 


孩子三岁后, 每年检查眼睛就变得很重要。

近视开始了, 每年涨-0.50度都是正常范围。
青春期还会每年长 -1.00。
通常读完(大学)书后,眼睛不需要看近的东西那末多, 那大部分人的度数都会停止加深。

可能最后会超过 -5.00, 会增加视网膜脱落的机会。 


Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD
Markham  Optometrist

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