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Why do you need to bring in old glasses for your eye exam?

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Why do you need to bring in old glasses for your eye exam?

Do you always bring your old glasses to your optometrist’ for eye exam?
It helps your self tremendously if you do. Here is why?

1. It allows the Optometrist to tell you what has changed in your glasses prescription.

2. Not everyone’s eyes will adapt to change, if the Optometrist knows what you came in with, sometimes they may need to reduce the change for you, (ie. if your change is in fact -0.75, sometimes it is easier to give you -0.50 change for your adaptation, than to give you the measured -0.75 change). It’s more evident in those who are far-sighted, for example, with +1.00 or +2.00.

3. The eye power changes may show signs of eye disease. In some cataract patients, it is normal to have more minus changes (-0.50 to -0.75) during the growth of cataract. In someone who may have growth (tumour) at the back of the eye, when it grows, it pushes the retina forward, and may result in a more plus power, (-2.00 as opposed to old power of -2.75). 

4.Your old glasses may show signs of lens coating coming off. If the concern was harder to see at night, it may be due to a health concern, a prescription change or your lens coating is getting old. If the Optometrist can see that your lens coating is coming off, they may still check for Rx change and eye disease, but the management for either of the three cases would be quite different. They would only need to change to a new and perhaps better lens material and coating, and can keep the same prescrption for lenses. 

Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD
Markham   Optometrist

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