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Why wear sunglasses?

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Why wear sunglasses?

Do you know that we can become 20 years younger when we wear sun protection like sunglasses?

UV 200-280 affects the cornea of the eye. When you protect yours eyes with welding goggles or from snow blindness from this spectrum, you are protecting the cornea. 

UV 281-400 affects the lens of the eye. When you wear sunglasses, it can delay yellowing of the lens for about 20 years, which can delay your cataract, and your cataract surgery.

UV 400-700 affects the retina of the eye, including your macula. When you wear sunglasses, it can minimize macular degeneration at 50 yo or older, especially for those with lighter skin and lighter coloured eyes.

It’s never too late or too early to protect your eyes from the sun, as it also reduces glare if you are already affected by corneal change, dry eyes, cataract, glaucoma or macula degeneration. 

Not all sunglasses are made the same, the good quality ones have gone through 150 tests for quality control, and can last up to two years for sun protection. Ask your Optometrist about UV protection. 

Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD
Markham  Optometrist

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