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Will people with high myopia eventually go blind in their old age?

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Will people with high myopia eventually go blind in their old age?

This is asked today. Do you ever wonder?

Well, wonder no more. Here is the full answer,

Those with or higher eye correction power have a higher chance of getting retinal holes, detachements, and tears. The higher the power, the higher the risk of retinal problems, including choroidalneovascula membrane at The macula, glaucoma, angoid streaks, layer cracks, and retinal detachement.

I have met someone who has a retinal detachment in her 20s with a -4.00 power, and another in her 50s with -2.00 power, who has a retina tear.

I have met someone (not a patient) who has less than -10.00, developed Choroidalneovascular membrane in his early 30s, and lost vision to that eye. It was likely a combination of high myopia and stress (he was a lawyer).
I have also met someone who is -18.50 and still see 20/20 with contact lens correction at her 40s. She works in a library and is not usually stressed.

However, the percentage of risk doesn’t matter when it is you. It can be one percent, but you might just get lucky (or unlucky) and became part of that one percent.

Protect yourself by checking your eyes yearly, avoid bungee Jumping, and deep sea diving if you have moderate to high myopia.

Read the original question on Quora here

Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD
Markham  Optometrist

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